Overcoming Fears – Life Well Lived

This week’s question from P&G Life Well Lived series comes under the Getting Happy section.

How do you overcome your fears the first time you do something or on the first day of a new experience?

Sadly I overcome fear badly. Usually I just go ahead and do whatever it is I’m afraid of but I rarely become comfortable with it.

For example, I have a totally irrational fear of authority figures. Even now, when the front office at Charlie’s school pages me I freak out. I’m PTO President so it could be for any number of things BUT I still freak out that the Principal wants to speak to me.

The best method for me is to just go ahead and DO IT! Stop procrastinating since that usually just makes things worse.

What is your answer to overcoming fears? Please share over on BlogHer’s Life Well Lived section in the comments.

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  1. Ha! I have a fear of cops. It’s like I have heroin strapped to my body and I’m gonna get busted.

    • Oh I have an irrational fear of the police as well! If I get pulled over, I am into full blown panic attack by the time the officer gets to my window.

    • Ask Uncle Robert about the time I got pulled over for a nonworking tail light and ended up at the police station due to my freak out.