>Ornament Wreath for Christmas 2010

>Ever since I saw Sarah’s ornament wreath posted on her blog I have wanted one for over our fireplace mantel. Our fireplace in the family room is HUGE! It is set on an angle & is white brick. Since I didn’t manage to get around to making an ornament before Christmas, I hit the after holiday sales & bought a boatload of ornaments at half off (or more). Our tree is traditional, full of old fashioned multi-colored lights & ornaments so those are the kind I bought. Here is a photo of my mantel this year. Add a couple of feet to the top of the picture & you can see it is screaming “put something here”.

I used 2 wire hangers (twisted them together) since I needed my wreath to be big. I bought a variety of sizes & colors. I glued the tops on per Sarah’s instructions & then started stringing the ornaments on. Here are 2 photos of the semi-finished project.
I bought the wreath holder before I bought the ornaments! All I need to do in December is shape it more in a circle, add a few more ornaments, finish closing off the top, & add a ribbon bow to hide the hanger top. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now onto another Sarah project for next Christmas!
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