Nevermind, I found some

I, like most people, am not fond of doing laundry. I manage to keep up with it for the most part. Charlie, however, has not yet grasped the concept of letting me know when he is running out of clean clothing. Specifically socks and underwear.

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I had just got in the shower and Charlie came in asking where his clean pants were.

Me – They are still in the dryer. Take them out and put your pants up in the dresser where they belong.

Charlie – Okay.

a few seconds later…

Charlie – Mom, I don’t have any clean underwear! Did you wash them?

Me – Uh, you did not tell me you needed underwear. Double-check your drawer.

Charlie – I don’t see any anywhere! Moooommmm! I can’t go to school without underpants! (panic filled voice)

Me – I’m almost done. Give me a few minutes and I will help you look.

Charlie – Nevermind. I found some.

That was the fastest I ever got out of the shower.

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