My cousin’s house tried to kill me!

My cousin’s house tried to kill me! Seriously, or at the very least break my ankle or wrist. In fact, i might have just done that – broke or fractured bones in my hand and wrist on Saturday.

We were at the Sim chat Bat ceremony for new baby Michelle Elizabeth. It was lovely! I even had a part to read about the importance of family & love of learning. Charlie had tons to fun playing with his cousin, George along with all the other kids.

Tara & Alex’s house is beautiful! It is set on a large lot, lots of windows, tile & dark wood floors, plenty of space. Lots of steps and stairs too. That is the house’s secret weapon – a sunken family room in the middle of the first floor. There is 1 step down to a landing about 2 foot wide (tile to tile) & then there are 2 more steps down into the family area (tile to dark wood).

We were getting ready to leave the party & head back to our hotel. While Charlie was saying “good bye” to everyone, I turned to get a bottle of water to have in the car. I was wearing cute kitten heel dressy flip-flop sandals with my dress. I totally forgot the step down was there. I turned, took a step, & went KERSPLAT in all my glory. I put my left hand out to stop my fall so it bore the brunt of my weight along with my knees.

It wasn’t until about 30-45 minutes later that my hand started swelling & the ache changed to outright pain. My knees throbbed a little but not as much as my hand & wrist. Hubby found a pharmacy on the Riverwalk. He bought me a sling, Aleve, & an ace bandage. I kept my hand iced & wrapped all night long. The next morning everything was still swollen but not hurting as much. We met Aunt Cecie & George at the San Antonio zoo. The boys had tons of fun looking at the animals & just being together. They loved the train ride too! After lunch the 3 of us headed back home.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor’s to have my hand & wrist looked at. I was told that the bones in the hand are not made to bear a person’s full weight & most likely have cracked or broken a bone or two. Off to x-rays! I am waiting to hear back today. My hand & wrist are still swollen. The pinkie & ring finger hurt the most of the 5 fingers. I can not do to much with my left hand without sharp shooting pain occurring. (see how dedicated I am to type 1 handed for y’all)

I am hoping I don’t need a cast……


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