Mourning the loss of TomCat

TomCat has been missing for over 3 weeks now. It is pretty much a given that TomCat is not coming home. This makes me and Charlie sad. I feel like a failure for losing Dad’s cat. Charlie thinks some one “stole” Tom and is holding him hostage.

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Tears have been shed over TomCat. Despite his crankiness he was loved. I think even Max and Ruby miss TomCat. They had finally managed to come to a sort of détente this past few months.

I hope that wherever Tom is that he is happy. He is missed.

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  1. *sniff* I miss him too.
    Denise recently posted..Dumplin’My Profile

  2. You’re so *NOT* a failure. TomCat had an awesome home with you and we loved hearing about him and seeing pics of him. I’m still holding out hope…

    HUGS to all of you