Monday and a Meal Plan

I am getting back on the meal planning wagon. Lots of my friends meal plan on a regular basis. I find meal planning helps me eat healthier and eat out less. There are tons of websites that discuss and offer help in meal planning. BlogHer Food is a great place to start.

Don’t let the concept of meal planning scare you. If I can do it, then anyone can. No seriously. Just take it one week at a time. Or even just 2-3 days a week until you get used to it. I must admit it is nice to know what is for dinner just by looking at my meal plan. The main thing to remember – it’s OK to toss the plan for the day if something happens to throw you off.

Weight Watchers, both Simple Start and PPVs, is a firm believer in meal planning as well. So this helps me with my weight loss goals too.

Here is my Meal Plan for this week:

Monday – eat out. This is Charlie’s OT day and we’ll be home late.

Tuesday – Ham Wrapped Tilapia with Spinach Stuffing (WW in 20 Minutes page 184) subbing tilapia for flounder

Wednesday Slow Cooker Smoked Sausage, Green Beans, Potatoes

Thursday – pancakes and bacon

Friday – pizza at the Pinewood Derby races

Saturday – roast chicken

Sunday – our traditional Taco Cabana

Do you plan meals in advance? How many days or weeks in advance?



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