Microchipping Your Pet Works

I was camping with the Cub Scouts 2 weekends ago. I noticed on Saturday that I had 2 voice mails from numbers I didn’t recognize. One was from Rosenberg Animal Shelter and the other from a microchip company. I checked the messages and low and behold, Tom Cat was found! He was turned in at the Rosenberg Animal Shelter.

Tom Cat went missing late April 2016. After 3-4 months I gave up hope that he would be found or return home.

The shelter would not have known that Tom had an owner and a home without a microchip. Microchipping your pet works! As long as the information is updated online and kept current, if your lost pet is ever found and scanned, your cat or dog can be returned to you.  If you rehome your pet or move, it is easy to log in and update the information via the internet.

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