Max Goes to Time Out

Max is in his next to last week of training at Lone Star Pet Lodge. He is doing quite well listening to the trainers and me. In fact Gabriel (trainer) said Max was ahead of schedule in training and is going to teach Max some extra things.

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Max attends school 3 days a week for approximately 8 hours each day. Training is actually only 3-4 sessions during the day. The rest of the time Max is in doggy day care. His daily report card usually says things like “Max made a new friend today” or “Max enjoyed playing tug of war with another dog”, etc.

Twice now Max has been in Time Out at doggy day care.

The first time was for jumping the fences. Now Max has been boarded at Lone Star many times and I told them Max can jump 6′ fences. I guess Max has never done it before. During playtime the dogs are grouped in pens by temperament, size, etc. The pens have 4′ tall fencing. Apparently Max was put in Pen B and when the staff went back inside to get other dogs, he jumped into Pen C. The poor employee came back out with other dogs and was so confused when she saw Max in the wrong pen. Much conversation ensued over who moved Max and why until Max jumped back into Pen B by himself. Poor Maxie was banished to the 8′ pen with no friends to play with.

Max switched pens because he saw a doggy friend he loves to play with until he realized he was getting in trouble and went back to his assigned play area.

That was a few weeks ago. Yesterday Monday Max was put in time out due to excessive humping of other dogs.

I got nothing.

Only one more week of school to go for Max!

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