Max goes to School

Max starts school today. Max is an awesome dog but he is 3 years old and still acts like a puppy. Max’s worst behavior is jumping on people. He gets so excited that someone is at the house to play with him. Max knows the sit command but does not stay in it for long. I stink at dog training because I do not set aside time to really work with the concepts much less enforce them consistently.

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Max is enrolled in Behavior Modification class at Lone Star Pet Lodge . Max will be at Doggy Day Care and Class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The training is 3 times during the day and lasts for 6 weeks. Charlie and I will be in class some of the days to train us on the commands Max is learning. Gabriel, the trainer, interviewed Max and me to see what we know and go over all the details about the class, how they train, what Max will learn, etc.  Lone Star Pet Lodge is where all 3 furballs get boarded so the staff is familiar with Max and he with them.

Interesting fact – instead of using the word No or Stop, they train with the word Phooey. No and Stop are words used in regular conversation and can be confusing. Phooey is unique and will apply only to Max and Ruby. Ruby will eventually go to training class too.

Sadly no discount is available for Tom Cat being a favorite and Internet Super Star at Lone Star Pet Lodge.

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  1. How cute. Hopefully Max learns some new good habits at school 🙂
    Zully Hernandez recently posted..The perfect Easter dinner menuMy Profile

    • Thanks! Today was Max’s 3rd day at school and his jumping has decreased quite a bit. Now to teach Charlie and his friends all the right words to say when Max misbehaves.