Hubby Update – Round 3 done

Last week Hubby had Round 3 of chemo along with his second iron treatment.

Round 2 and 3 of chemo went pretty well.   The only side effect from the chemo itself has been tingling and numbness in Hubby’s fingertips.

Hubby is scheduled for a total of 4 Iron IV sessions. Dr. C gave Hubby 1 liter of  IV iron for his first session 2 weeks ago. Hubby was slightly nauseous after that much iron at one time.  Last week Hubby only got a few pints of iron so he wasn’t as queasy this time.

A total of 29 chemo sessions are scheduled, ending the last week in May, barring any complications. Each session is 3 days (Tues – Thurs) every other week. At the end of February there will be another PET scan and possibly an MRI to check the liver lesion. This will show if there has been any spread of the cancer in Hubby’s liver or to other organs. It will also show if the spot on his liver has shrunk or responded to the chemo at all.

We are finding a new normal as a family. Hubby is back to work now which is helping his mental health a lot. Mine too!  We are just in a holding pattern for now with the chemo and waiting to see how the cancer is responding to that.

Many thanks for your support, prayers, comments and much more!



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  1. Thank you for the update. Let us know if you need anything. We love you guys! XoXo