Hubby Update – PET Scan

I have been remiss in blogging as of late. Lots of stuff going on between PTO, Cub Scouts and work!

We got Hubby’s PET scan results last Thursday.  The chemo is doing it job! The spot on his liver is slightly smaller. The 3 lymph nodes that were showing positive in December are now showing negative. There are still several teeny tiny masses in his colon but none of them have grown any either.

There is 1 small mass that is showing slightly smaller in size but has an slight increase in uptake. Uptake is the measurement used to indicate tumor growth via hormones, chemicals, or something. Dr. C is not concerned about it though since the size is less.

No new masses popped up anywhere else which is great. So for now the chemo is continuing every other week for 3 days at a time.

Woo Hoo! Thank you again for all your kind words, thoughts, prayers!

On a more positive note, FireMom over at Stop, Drop, and Blog is doing a meme through March 17th called “The 17 days of Green”.

Here is the 1st photo in 17 Days of Green….

Hubby sitting at his desk in a green t-shirt



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  1. Woo! I’m very happy for your good news! All my good thoughts go to you and your family for continued good news!
    Somer recently posted..Perhaps the Third Time Will be a Charm? Maybe?My Profile

  2. Harry White says

    Great news Cuz will pass on to prayer team at Church. Jordan Victory Church.

  3. Katharine says

    Thank ya Baby Jesus! Robert looks good, he’s lost weight! I’m sure that’s a mixture of the chemo and changing his eating habits! Go Robert!!! I hope we’ll see you at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! XoXo

    • Elizabeth says

      Katt – the changing of the eating habits is not happening. 🙁 Not for the lack of trying on my part. In fact he went out and bought a huge bag of chips from the corner store the other day and tried to hide them. I am not opposed to buying chips nor eating them – just in moderation! He will eat 2 bags a week. I am not going to keep fighting him on this stuff. I can’t handle the stress anymore.

  4. Oh whew, that sounds like good news. Continuing to pray for you guys!
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