Hubby Update – MD Anderson is next

Earlier this month Hubby’s oncologist basically told us that he needs to go to MD Anderson at this point.

In a nutshell, Dr. C has tried all the chemo drugs that are FDA approved. None of them are working. She has tried various combinations of the chemotherapy drugs. None of those worked either. The tumors are still growing, although slowly, and spreading.

Hubby needs to get into either a study or experimental type chemotherapy treatment.

MD Anderson does not take referrals. They are unique and do pretty much their own thing.  Dr. C got the ball rolling by sending Hubby’s medical records down to the Med Center.

Hubby was accepted into MD Anderson finally and his first appointment there is this Friday. He managed to get in because the hospital sets aside a certain percentage of space for local patients.

The hospital will redo every single one of Hubby’s tests – bloodwork, labs, PET scan, CT scans, the works as part of the evaluation process. The email we received said to plan on 3-5 days. Thank goodness we live nearby and don’ t have to get a hotel.

Hubby has to be at MD Anderson by 9:30am. We plan on heading out right after dropping Charlie at school that morning. I am going along for the first part of the appointment – the registration and meeting with the new doctor. I don’t need to hang around for the testing part.

For the next few weeks I will be going with Hubby to appointments because I HAVE to stay in the loop. With his chemo brain and *ahem* denial/attitude I won’t get all the information regarding treatment plans, alternatives, side effects or even a schedule of appointments.

Please pray for us as we begin the next leg of this journey.



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  1. I’m so glad MD Anderson has taken him and I hope they are able to provide him with a treatment that helps!
    Denise recently posted..The Soiling of Old GloryMy Profile

  2. So stressful. I wish I could do something beside pray for you. Doctor appointments are confusing for the most apt attention payer. Take a notebook and write everything down!

    • I think I will ask if I can record the appointment. Dr. C didn’t mind if I used my phone that way. I always have a notebook with me too. I make Hubby take it when I can’t go but then he doesn’t write anything down but his weight. *sigh*

  3. I will send positive thought and keep my fingers crossed for you and your family. My neighbors daughter was at MD Anderson and they took good care of her. It;s a wonderful place and I hope all goes well. Lots of luck!!!!
    Susi recently posted..In my neighborhood {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  4. Lynne's friend says

    Lynne shared your update with me. I’m always praying for Robert and the family and I will continue. Keep up your strength as well. Thinking of you!

  5. Robin Brown says

    I hope you and Robert find MD Anderson as warm and loving as we did. We’re lifting the 3 of you on eagle’s wings!

  6. We are continuing to pray for you all, Elizabeth!

    • Thanks! I know it’s made a difference to me. I’m seriously working on getting back into attending church and Sunday School this fall. I miss the fellowship!

  7. Elizabeth,
    This is good news that Robert got into MD Anderson.
    We are praying. Let me know if we can do anything to help.

    • Thanks. We’re okay so far. It’s been a rough summer since I work less hours with Charlie out of school. Robert has run out of FML at work (they’re still being pain in the patoots) but his team leader works with him once in awhile. We shall see what MD Anderson requires time wise.

      I am going to start coming back to church and Sunday School if it kills me! I miss the fellowship and need the worship time desperately. Hopefully starting this Sunday but we shall see.