Hubby Update – Bowel Obstruction

Around 8:30pm Thursday night Hubby and I headed to MD Anderson ER. Hubby’s stomach and back pain had intensified and he’d started vomiting.

Charlie spent the night at a friend’s house. The boys thought it was super cool to have a sleep over during the week.

Around midnight X-rays were done and by 2am a CT scan. The ER doctor diagnosed Hubby with a bowel obstruction.  The least invasive method of clearing out the blockage is an NG tube, which Hubby protested but ended up with.

The NG tube seems to have done the trick. Hubby’s stomach is no longer distended and tender.

The blockage seems to be caused by 2 things; the small intestine kinked up on it’s own and some of the tumors were “choking” or wrapped around the small intestine.

Surgery was, thankfully, not considered an option at this time.

The NG tube was removed this morning and Hubby is almost off the pain meds.

On a positive note, insurance approved the Clinical Trial. Hubby is scheduled for blood work and labs on Tuesday morning. The Clinical Trial meds are supposed to start on Wednesday but that is pending verification of protocols.


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Our prayers go out to you and your husband. It’s exciting to know that he is able to participate in the clinical trials. Thank you for the update.

    • Thank you. We were thrilled to hear about the trial approval too then this mess happened. Hoping it won’t delay the start of the Clinical Trial too much or not at all.

  2. Great news!!! So glad he got into trials! Hope he’s feeling better!

  3. I’m glad that the insurance got back to you so quickly.
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