Health Issues

Twice now I have been so sick that I ended up severely dehydrated and in the ER. The first time was Sept. 24 in Corpus Christi with Charlie’s Troop. We were camping on the USS Lexington and that Sunday I woke up sick as a dog. Four hours on non-stop simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea led to me laying on the floor and barely responsive. I managed to sweet talk the ER into letting me go home after 2 bags of saline.

Halloween the process started all over again around 5pm. By midnight I was debating who to call first, 911 or the Dotys. I ended up calling Jackie since I knew someone would have to let the EMTs in, manage the mutts, and take care of Charlie. I told her to call 911 as I was going to lay down on the floor now.

Methodist Sugar Land kept me overnight trying to figure out why my white blood cell (WBC) count was so high. The high end of normal is 11 and my count was 23.7. I felt like a pin cushion and looked like a junkie with all the needles and blood work. All the blood cultures and tests came back negative for parasites, salmonella, bacteria, viruses, etc.

My PCP could not believe that I was discharged from the hospital without an official diagnosis. He was not happy. I ended up with a referral to a GI specialist to try to figure out what is going on with my tummy and GI tract. I saw Dr. Stein on Dec. 14th. I had a CT scan and ultrasound of my abdomen and pelvis Monday, Dec. 18th, and a colonoscopy on Friday, Dec. 22nd.

The CT scan and ultrasound showed a few things to be concerned about totally separate from my GI issues. I have a tiny kidney stone in my right kidney, nothing to worry about until it gets bigger. I have several small nodes in my lungs and don’t know why. That is tabled for now. The biggest concern is a thinning of the iliac crest bone on my left hip. There could be a variety of reasons for this but the main one is cancer. So I now have an appointment with an oncologist for next week, Dec. 27th. I have not had any hip pain so who knows.

More updates as I get the information.

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  1. Sending all the love I can.

  2. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Thinking of you!
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