Happy President’s Day and Hubby update

Charlie is out of school. I am working. Hubby has his normal blood work appointment this afternoon in preparation for chemo tomorrow.  He is anemic and the oncologist is watching his iron levels closely.

If Hubby’s iron level drops below a 9 she won’t proceed with chemo unless he gets a blood transfusion. I suggested he start taking an iron supplement. The silly man said he’d just do the blood transfusion.


Anyhow, I prevailed and Hubby is now taking a daily iron supplement. I’m also trying to increase the amount of iron rich vegetables he eats but that is slow going.

Tomorrow Hubby goes for his second PET scan. This one will tell us if the chemo is working and doing what is it supposed to do – stop and/or slow the growth of the cancer on his liver. It will also check to see if the cancer has spread to other organs and areas.  We should have the results by Thursday.



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  1. Thank you for the update! XoXo

    • Hubby’s hemoglobin was up to 10 today so the supplements seem to be working so far. Hope you get to feeling better soon yourself sweetie!

  2. Hope all goes well. Keeping fingers crossed. Have you tried making juices with a juicer and adding veggies that are rich in iron? A friend of mine had colon cancer and she is now in remission. She made juices and smoothies every day to get extra nutrients. I know guys sometimes are resistant but it couldn’t hurt to try. 🙂
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    • Susi,

      I’ve tried making smoothies but Hubby refuses anything other than fruit in them. If the smoothie is an “odd” color he won’t touch it. I was flat out told that vegetables do not go into smoothies. So it isn’t for the lack of trying on my part. My husband is pickier about food than our 7 year old!

      His hemoglobin was at a 10 today so the iron supplements seem to be working.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!