>Germany vacation

>I am still in Germany on vacation with the kiddo, hubby and my dad. We arrive without to much trouble in Frankfurt, picked up the rental car & headed out to Freidrichshafen. The GPS took us on a scenic route to southern Germany. On Friday we went to Amatuer Radio trade show/Hamfest. It was interesting for Robert & Charlie. I had been many years ago. It is the largest Ham Radio show in Europe. On Saturday, we took a train to Lindau, a little island on Lake Constance. It rained off & on most of the day but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasim at all. (heehee) Actually, we were very lucky. We stumbled upon a choir singing in German costumes at the old City Hall. Very lovely to listen to! Then we ran into an event that was unique. There was a ramp set up on the lake and teams were driving themed cars down it to see who could “fly” the farthest. Lots of drinking was involved from what we could see. We watched the Flintstone car with Fred at the wheel take his turn. There were quite a few teams according to the flyer. Tonight we are in Heidelburg and heading to Frankfurt tomorrow. We will fly home (hopefully) on Tuesday. I will post pictures once I’m home.

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