Education is Important – Conversations with Charlie

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When I realized I would be taking an impromptu trip to Rome, Italy I asked Charlie if he wanted to come with me. I told Charlie it would missing a few days of school. Here is how the conversation went….

Mommy – Charlie, do you want to go to Rome, Italy with Poppa, Aunt Rachael, and me?

Charlie – When?

M – Next week. It would mean missing 3 days of school but you can see the Coliseum! The Sistine Chapel! So much cool stuff!

C – Nah. I want to stay here at Myles’s house.

M – Are you sure? I will talk to Ms. A and get your classwork so you won’t get behind in school.

C (exasperated tone) MOOOOM! Don’t you realize education is important!? If I miss school, how can I grow up to be the man you want me to be? How can I get a good paying job? Seriously.


I had no answer to that.

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  1. Dad always said that having us kids say very grown up and sensible things to him or mom always made him proud and irritated that he hadn’t thought of it first. LOL