Drinking Water

I am working on drinking more water daily. My goal is a minimum of 64 ounces a day. I am always thirsty and drink way more liquid during the day than 64 ounces. Mostly Diet Dr Pepper with some Gatorade tossed in if going outside. The benefits of drinking water are well established. I highly […]


It’s the Flu B

Little Man officially has the Flu B. He started running a fever Tuesday night but no other symptoms besides a slight cough. Charlie’s fever spiked yesterday and again today so I took him to the Excel Urgent Care clinic at the pediatricians suggestion. We were closing in on the 48 hour window for Tamiflu to […]


Another ER VIsit

Welp. Third times the charm right? Last Friday afternoon I ended up back in the ER for non stop dehydration/diarrhea/vomiting. Just like the last 2 visits except this time I didn’t take an ambulance and didn’t wait until I was blacking out to get to the emergency room. Still no diagnosis as to what is […]

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