>Big Fish in Small Pond or vice versa?

>OK, time for another blast from the past. I’ve mentioned how I dug up my old Senior English journal from high school a few months ago. I’ve written about 2 different assignments we were given, one from Dec 10th and the other from Sept. 26, 1985.  I thought it was time for another peek at what my English teacher thought was worthy of discussion back on Dec. 4, 1985. Here is the question we were given –

Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a large pond?

My answer was –

I’d rather be a big fish in a small pond because I am more comfortable in and feel less intimidated by a small pond.

Fellow student’s response – (JB)

I feel the opposite way than you do.

I must admit I still feel that way. I am intimidated by large crowds. I always feel like I don’t fit in, I’m socially inept despite my mother’s attempts at raising me to be a Southern Belle, I do not always make a good first impression, I’m loud, pushy, and often brash, talking without thinking first.

What do YOU think? Are you a big pond/small fish kinda person? Or the opposite – a small pond/big fish person?


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