>Be Out There!

>It’s been in the news alot over the past few years but honestly, were any of us parents surprised? Research connects a lack of time outdoors to increased obesity, stress, and other health issues. Today’s kids spend an average of 7 hours “plugged in” per day. That is on average 53 hours a week that a child spends with electronic media – TV, video games, computers, cell phones, iPods, etc. Comparitively kids only spend 4-7 minutes outside playing per day on average.

The National Wildlife Federation is starting a “Be Out There” campaign to encourage parents & children to play or be outside 1 hour per day for a whole week. 

I must admit I’m not a big fan of the Great Outdoors myself. I’m not into the heat, sweating, bugs, & other minor inconviences. I do know that playing outdoors is important for my son’s health & mental well-being. I know outdoor activities will improve my overall health & mental well-being. I have great memories of hours & hours outside playing as a child.I signed the pledge. That is my personal goal this week – spend at the very least one hour per day outdoors with my son.

Reality is – it ain’t that hard. If I think about this past week, Charlie & I spent an hour outside doing stuff almost every day last week. We went to the park twice to fly kites, went geocaching, played Hot Wheels on the deck, & walked to the playground.

So I encourage you to visit the NWF & Be Out There websites for more information. Sign the pledge & enjoy all the lifelong benefits of being outdoors & nature has to offer!


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