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>For a short work week it certainly has seemed like a long week. Thanks to TS Hermine I didn’t get any of the yard work I wanted done on Labor Day. In fact, I didn’t get much on my To Do List accomplished over the weekend at all. Kiddo got sick Sunday night & was still feeling pretty icky on Monday.

I managed to pull apart our bed so I could fix the bed frame but was missing a part. All of the wooden support slats had fallen out & one of the metal clamps for the bed frame support was missing. Hubby finally found a replacement one Tuesday. I borrowed Dad’s drill yesterday & reassembled the bed, screwing the headboard & frame together.

One of my friends commented that we bought Kiddo “Spicoli” shoes when I was talking about his new Vans. Being utterly clueless & socially inept I was like Huh? I had no clue what she was talking about. I have never seen the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High“. Well, I’ve seen bits & pieces but not the whole thing. So yes, my kid has Spicoli shoes for Kindergarten.

Kiddo is playing soccer again this fall. We switched from the Y to the Upwards Soccer program. All my friends have raved about how good the Upwards programs are so Hubby & I thought we’d give it a try. They had skills assessment last Saturday, 6 different drills in all. Kiddo did pretty good. The games start on September 25th. We will have Kiddo’s team assignment sometime this next week.
I sent off summer photos to Kiddo’s birthmother along with the update letter. I’m working on being more open & communicating more frequently with her. We are technically required to send updates twice a year but I find it easier to do so more frequently.
Well, that about it for all the more recent miscellaneous stuff going on with us right now.
{Disclosure:  links to the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” movie DVD & poster are via the Amazon.com Associates program}
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