Norris or Van Damme?

My niece and nephew had an ongoing “discussion” over the weekend.  Eventually Katt posted the question on her Facebook wall and it spilled over to Charlie’s birthday party this weekend. There was quite a discussion going on among the adults at Lazer Zone on Saturday!

Here is the question up for debate…..

In their PRIME,  Chuck Norris vs. Jean-Claude van Damme, who would win the fight? A real competition fight, not something staged for TV or movies?

What do you think? Who do you think would win – the Muscles from Brussels? Or the good ol’ American boy Norris? Or someone else you prefer? On Saturday, additional people were added into the mix by my friends and family – Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and some other Asian guy I can’t remember.

The final consensus was Bruce Lee would kick ALL their butts!!

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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  1. Ok… I wasn’t aware that Jean-Claude had any “actual” fight experience. Sure he works out, and responds to choreography, but I don’t know of him “fighting”. I think Bruce Lee trained Norris, so with the exception of the whole “dead” thing, I think Bruce Lee could kick the butts of the others. However, I still think Norris would give him a run for his money.

    • Apparently Jean-Claude does have real credentials for martial arts, according to my friends and niece. I had no clue either. So does Jet Li and Jackie Chan. I voted for Norris myself until Bruce Lee was added to the mix. Yes, except for the whole “dead” thing Bruce would rule the others.

  2. The other Asian guy was Tony Jaa, Muay Thai fighter… No CGI or wires, does all his own stunts. It looks like JT won the Norris vs Van Damme poll and for that I am now having to watch old Chuck Norris movies. yay…..You do have to admit Van Damme is much better looking and a lot less hairy than Norris….

  3. Wait wait, this “Norris or Van Damme” even in question?

    I dare you to look up “Chuck Norris versus Super Mario” on YouTube.

    But yes, the final conclusion is correct. Bruce Lee would win any day, if it weren’t for the “dead” thing (though zombies are pretty popular right now).
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